Eivissa – Health, fitness and nutrition with the individual in mind

Staying fit and healthy is an individual journey

Your journey to feeling good about yourself should be one that is insightful, exciting and fun. It should be easy, sustainable and full of discovery.

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What are you looking to achieve?

The solution to feeling great, improving fitness levels and becoming healthier isn’t a one-size fits all.

Whether you feel as though you need to lose weight, work on your body strength, tone and conditioning, recover from an injury or train for a sporting event, the fitness and wellbeing methods will be as different for you as they are for the next person. It might be that you’ve been told to make some changes by a medical professional or as age or injury takes its toll you want to understand how to improve your nutrition and make healthy choices when it comes to food and drink.

Your mental wellbeing and physical exercise are intertwined and knowing what works for you is a personal journey. Eivissa Health & Fitness are here to support you on this journey with a tailor made programme of health, fitness and nutrition.

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How do I work with Eivissa Health & Fitness?

Be inspired to reach your health and fitness goals

After an initial consultation you will have a tailored programme designed by one of our fitness experts that matches your achievement goals and your body composition – your weight, height, age, body fat and a few other variables. It’s unique. It’s you. And it will deliver results.

Each programme will encompass the three key ingredients of nutrition, exercise and commitment. Structured online exercise and training sessions, daily nutritional advice and regular check-ins will monitor your progress and guide you to achieving your goals.

All that we ask from you is the commitment to being consistent, to put in 100 percent effort, and be honest with us in your journey.

“The sessions are fun but push me to be better and to be able to do more. It has helped me with more than just understanding weight loss. The support and guidance has helped with fitting exercise in, improved my anxiety and confidence around nutrition/exercise and I continue to get fitter and healthier.”

AnnikaPT Client

How do you want to train?

1-2-1 sessions

A health and fitness journey is a personal experience and you might prefer to work individually on your goals with a trainer. 1-2-1 sessions will ensure that every exercise, method and all nutritional advice is tailored to your goals, your body and your fitness levels.

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Training with your partner is a great way to set fitness goals for a future milestone such as a holiday, getting married, after the birth of a child or once they’ve flown the nest and the mid-life signs need attention. Training this way is encouraging and competitive and it will push you to achieve the best results.

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Small private groups

Training in micro groups of two to four people offers a fun, motivational way to get fit and build your strength and confidence with family or friends – not to mention being cost effective! By sharing best practice and encouraging each other you are more inclined to push yourself and achieve a better outcome together.

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Online group sessions

Group online sessions offer the perfect solution to build a routine of regular exercise, supportive camaraderie and a healthy dose of feelgood endorphins to set you up for the day.

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Yoga provides a versatile workout that helps to increase flexibility, improve muscle tone and strength, and boosts your core – an excellent all-round choice.

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Online training

Pre-recorded online sessions are accessible 24/7 offering an affordable solution to easing into a fitness regime that suits your busy schedule.

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All methods of online training with Eivissa Health & Fitness give you access to the exclusive Facebook Group, which is packed full of daily nutritional advice, wellness tips, exercises and motivation.

A health and fitness app that lets you know how you are doing

A health and fitness programme takes commitment. Setting goals and measuring your performance ensures you stay motivated and helps to keep you on track. Plot your progress by adding photos, keeping a food diary and tracking improvements. Packed full of coaching videos, PDF exercises, nutrition guides and personal documents to support your journey, the Eivissa app keeps your personal trainer in your pocket at all times.

All inclusive 

Free to all members to track goals and fitness levels

Communicate 24/7

Gain access to your class schedule, updates and progress charts for quick and easy communication.

The Eivissa Mobile fitness App

Meal Planning

Keep a food diary to understand what fuels your body and make better decisions about healthy snacks and meals.

Online Workouts

Access online exercise routines 24/7 depending on your membership level and store personalised training details.