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The Eivissa Journey

The complete solution for body and mind wellbeing

Eivissa Health & Fitness was born out of a desire to match tailored fitness programmes and scientific nutrition with a holistic approach to discovering a habit-forming and longer journey to complete body and mind wellbeing.

Where did Eivissa come from?

The sunshine Balearic Island of Eivissa (Ibiza) is well-known for its lively and welcoming atmosphere but it’s also been a holistic retreat for decades, where people escape to find themselves and be reborn to live and love life again.

Eivissa Health & Fitness wanted to capture this essence and introduce the benefits of all-round wellness in a fusion of fitness training, tailored nutrition and individualised goal setting.

Meet the team David, Chad and Shane.


Clients trained

Together we have helped more
than 200 people meet their goals. 

Staffordshire PT Dave Campbell

Read David Campbell’s story

I started my journey with a personal trainer back in 2014. I was relatively fit due to my career so far (or so I thought) but I was also in a position just like you are right now.

I’d recently married my lovely wife Rachael and our first child Joey had arrived. Life was crazy! Awesome but crazy and let’s just say that during my wife’s pregnancy I think I subconsciously thought that I was pregnant too as I’d stacked on the weight!

After Joey was born, Rachael wanted to get her body back. She wanted a trainer that would come to our home because it was convenient as Joey was still dependent, plus she detested the gym!

Rach embarked on her journey and 8 weeks later … WOW! Her transformation was amazing, and she was in better shape than before Joey arrived. Suffice to say that without delay I started my own journey!

Cutting a long story short, I lost 4 ½ stone in 3 months and went from 23% body fat to 7.5%. I was lean and mean (well not really mean ☺) and in amazing shape. Feeling fit and healthy really helped with the many sleepless nights we were having too.

I was truly inspired by Rachael’s transformation and my own. So much so that I developed a huge appetite to help others … and here I am today, the director of my own personal training company, doing just that and I love it!

I’m a walking example of what a tailored health and fitness regime can achieve. If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email or give me a call so I can help you design your own personal journey.

Q&A with David

Favourite exercise: Has to be Burpees closely followed by a good deadlift – as tough as they are, they need to be respected!

Favourite Super food: Broccoli – it makes an appearance at most meals, except breakfast which would just be weird!

Favourite exercise music: Back to my younger days with ‘Rhythm is a Dancer’ and more recently Dua Lipa ‘Physical’

Best place to relax: My favourite place in the whole world ‘Cala Bassa’ Beach in Ibiza just magical, closely followed by Centre Parcs in Sherwood Forrest

Ideal activity to relax: Mountain biking is a must, losing myself in the realms of music with my guitar and who doesn’t love a spa day?

Staffordshire PT Chad

Read Chad Tongue’s story

I’m a qualified personal trainer, committed to helping you meet your goal as effectively as possible using a fun, life-changing and educational approach. I like to work in a way that allows you to learn so that you know exactly how the training sessions are supporting you to reach your true potential.

I have been a personal trainer since January 2016, helping many clients achieve their goals and maintain a new level in fitness and health. If you’re looking to improve your overall health, strength, cardio fitness, flexibility, reduce your bodyfat/weight or recover from an injury I can help you.

I’ve loved fitness since I was 14 years old and got into it after I woke up one day, finally having had enough of being bullied about being small and weak every day. Yep, I was that typical kid that at the age of 14 looked about 10 years old. That year I started to research fitness and nutrition and have never looked back!

I ran the Birmingham half marathon at 16 years old, played rugby, joined the navy and graduated top of my class for fitness. When I became a personal trainer and embarked on a new journey, I wanted to test how strong I could become by setting ongoing weightlifting goals – and I keep on pushing.

I love being a personal trainer and believe it is one of the most rewarding jobs on the planet, whether I am helping people to recover from a long-term injury, reach a new fitness goal, transform their health or boost their confidence.

As a trainer I can promise you that I will be here 24/7 and I will be fully committed to helping you reach your goal. My areas of expertise include (but are not limited to) strength training, cardio fitness, functional fitness, flexibility, injury recovery, weight/bodyfat reduction, CrossFit, kettlebell training and running.

Q&A with Chad

Favourite exercise: I really enjoy the bench press and who doesn’t love squats?

Favourite Super food: It has to be salmon

Favourite exercise music: Difficult to answer – it all depends on what and how I’m training

Best place to relax: Sat chilled and comfy on my sofa with a cup of tea

Ideal activity to relax: Taking in the fresh air on a long walk in Cannock Chase

Shane Nugent

Read Shane Nugent‘s story

I’m a graduate of the International Olympic Committee with a master’s degree in Sport and Exercise Science, specialising in weight management.

I’m currently a doctoral researcher, completing my PhD within the area of nutrition and weight loss and have experience working with grassroots athletes right up to international standard athletes in many areas from boxing, and marathon runners to the British Climbing Team.

Over the years, I’ve been invited to speak at colleges, universities, corporate events and fitness and nutrition shows like BodyPower.

I have completed two marathons, love rock climbing and pizza (albeit a healthy nutritious one).

When it comes to nutrition my ethos is very much around making sure that you enjoy long-term benefits alongside helping you to achieve fantastic weight loss and body composition results over your training programme.

My mission is to help every client – and that includes you – to become empowered for LIFE with your nutrition and not just for a few months when you start exercising.

Anyone who is contemplating working with [the team], just give it a try, what have you got to lose? It could be a brilliant way for you to achieve your goals. It's certainly worked for me.

MarkPersonal training client