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Break down what’s holding you back

Rediscover yourself with the Eivissa Behaviour Change Programme

Did you know that physical inactivity is the fourth largest preventable cause of death and that an inactive person spends around 38% more time in hospital than an active person according to research carried out by the Fitness Industry Association? 

Many people have good intentions when it comes to exercise and healthy eating but fail to stick to their goals. Why is that?

The Eivissa Health & Fitness Behaviour Change Programme will reveal what’s holding you back by taking you on an enlightening journey to discover your personal obstacles and how to eliminate them.

Why do you find exercise or healthy eating a struggle?

Most people want to shed a few pounds or become leaner, eat healthier and stop bad habits such as smoking, knocking back too many glasses of wine or beer, or give up sugary and fatty foods – so why can’t they stick to regular exercise or a healthy diet?

Many people don’t know what the underlying cause is and that’s where the problem lies. If you don’t know, how can you change?

Much of it comes down to your mindset and attitude. If you are not in the right place from a thinking point of view then your good intentions may fail. If you try and try again and still fail, past experience starts to form a mental barrier to you thinking you can succeed.

Eivissa will take you on a deeper journey to explore what’s driving you to munch on the nachos, prise open the bottle of wine and zombie out in front of the box. You will start to understand the real reason behind why you skip the gym or turn down an invite to a hike in the great outdoors.

What is behaviour change?

The positive effects of behaviour change techniques are evident not just in the health and fitness industry.

Behaviour change is a cognitive process, which is concerned with how you think, and how you acquire knowledge and understand the outside world through your own thoughts and experiences. This thinking is what impacts your behaviour and how you act.

As an example, if you don’t feel susceptible to disease then your attitude to exercise might be somewhat lukewarm towards the benefits it will bring. Equally, if you fear gaining an injury from physical exercise then your attitude towards it will be very different from someone who sees exercise as a preventative measure to disease or avoiding injury.

Behaviour change is all about the psychology of why you are where you are right now. As much as 50% of an exercise training programme and a healthy eating plan is about getting into what makes your mind tick.

How can behaviour change help you?

Much of the process is about finding your ‘why’ and understanding the health benefits and risks of exercise and nutrition.

Many of us know that necking a bottle of wine, wolfing a sugary dessert every night or ordering a takeaway three times a week isn’t good for you, so why do it?

When you are fully aware of the pros and cons you can connect this with your own personal values and attitudes. It then becomes easier to make positive decisions about getting and staying fit, and making healthy food choices. Understanding how you perceive the ease or difficulty of exercise and nutritious eating is a huge revelation in overcoming your blocks.

Whilst your environment can impact your behaviour, you also have a level of control over changing the environment. Your attitude towards making a change is one part of the process but you also need to have intention – a willingness to put in the effort.

What is the Eivissa Health & Fitness Behaviour Change Programme?

The Eivissa Health & Fitness Behaviour Change Programme is designed for busy professionals who live life in perpetual juggle mode with work, family and friends (if they even have time for a social life!). Exercise resides at a back of the queue because there’s no time and food choices firmly lie with convenience having a capital C for ease.

The Eivissa programme is a 1-2-1, 12-week online course that will help you to understand your attitude and behaviour towards exercise and nutrition and encourage you to make small gradual changes that equate to a much bigger long-term picture and successful results. Different strategies will work for different people which is why it’s crucial to work on an individual basis.

Healthy eating and exercise are valuable at any stage in your life, whether it’s to feel good, prevent illness or as part of a rehabilitation programme following an injury. This programme will provide you with the foundation you need to build a winning health and fitness regime that works for you. One that you will stick to, look forward to, and continually progress with so that you lead a much healthier life as a result.

How can you access the Eivissa Health & Fitness Behaviour Change Programme?

This programme is part of the Eivissa Health & Fitness VIP portfolio. In order to access the programme there is an onboarding process that starts with an initial phone call.

There is no right or wrong applicant for the programme but by asking the right questions and learning more about your current situation, we will advise you of the right direction to move forward.

What happens after the Eivissa Health & Fitness Behaviour Change Programme?

The behaviour change programme is a foundation course for people who need it the most. It will kick-start a full habit-reform training programme or the in-depth nutritional blueprint.