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Dip your toe in before you commit

Starting a new journey is both exciting and nerve-racking so why not trial Eivissa with a free 7-day pass?

It’s simple and we really do recommend that you sign up to the 7-day trial before you commit to a membership option because you will get to experience the feeling of being pumped and energised!

During your 7-days you will gain access to all the online group training sessions. Towards the end of the trial you will have a personal 1-2-1 session with a member of the Eivissa team to get your questions answered and the personal support you deserve.

A welcome video will walk you through what to expect and explain the different training options so that you can pick routines that are in line with your goals.

Your body is for life

Sometimes people don’t see the need to or want to invest in their health. Often, it’s because they have tried health and fitness programmes before or attempted to eat healthily and limited change has been the end result.

This is usually because the chosen route was a fad diet, a magic pill system, a one-size fits all exercise class or the support given was of a low grade. It might even be because youth is on their side and aches and pains haven’t become an issue – yet!

You only have one body and it’s for life.

The Eivissa Health & Fitness 7-day free trial is available so that you can gain access to a genuine portfolio of exercise routines, nutritional advice and support that is dedicated to keeping your body ship shape for longer.

7-day free trial – what you get

Prioritising your health should be non-negotiable. No time, no money, no passion is avoidance. Plain and simple. Whether it’s through fear of change, uncertainty about the future, anxiety about what others will think or simply self-belief. Change can be scary but on the other side you will usually find your freedom.

With Eivissa you are in safe hands because we’ve worked with many people who had the same concerns. The same questions. We’re here for you, but sample the trial first so that you get to see with your own eyes and FEEL the different approach that works.

  • A walk-through video to explain everything you need to know
  • 24/7 access to the entire on-demand fitness library
  • A taste of The Achievement Agenda live fitness classes
  • Personal 1-2-1 session with a member of the Eivissa team
  • Access to our personalised mobile app
  • Nutrition advice
  • Healthy recipes
  • Your questions answered

Let’s start your personal journey.

Invest in your personal taxi

Imagine if you had to live in a taxi for the rest of your life. ‘What the…?’ you might think. If this were a true scenario you would want to look after the interior of your taxi so that you had a pretty comfy ride right? 

You would probably want to keep the engine serviced so that the taxi didn’t break down and get stuck, coughing and spluttering with no place to go. You would keep the windows clean to enable you to take in the amazing sights as you travel on incredible journeys. And you would keep the paintwork polished so that it didn’t chip or corrode and start to look withered. Wouldn’t you?

So why do people find it hard to invest in their bodies (and minds) when it can keep you functioning at optimal levels for years to come? To take you on amazing journeys because it’s a healthy sanctuary that is strong, nourishing and resilient. 

The Eivissa 7-day trial period is an opportunity for you to shape your fitness journey. To pimp up your personal taxi to transport you through life. To stop off at important destinations that introduce you to healthy food choices and maintain a positive direction to build new habits.

Think you need to give up life as you know it?

That’s one of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to health and fitness.

You can keep the vino. Still binge watch your favourite Netflix series on the sofa. Even indulge in a colossal cake treat with family or friends.

A healthy lifestyle is about balance. Yes, that might be a cliché but it’s true and with subtle changes and new healthy habits, life will be amazing. You will be full of energy, brimming with confidence, building strength and overflowing with happiness.

Some people don’t think twice about spending £100 on a single night out with nothing to show for it apart from an empty wallet and a banging head the next day. When did you last spend £30 on a takeaway that released hunger pangs after just two hours?

Let’s rewrite the priority list and move your health and fitness closer to the top.

What results can you expect to see?

Bad advice is out there and many systems will simply be incompatible with your body type.

The Eivissa approach to health and fitness is to give you the truth about health and fitness and to plot the most logical route to your success. It’s an individual journey and we understand people are suspicious about the results they can expect.

Everyone’s needs, circumstances and goals are different. The 7-day trial period is available to find the right membership package for you. It’s an introductory phase designed to match your goals with your current health and fitness condition because who wants a mismatch?

With the combination of your own determination and the support and expertise of a qualified team with years of experience, you will be on the road to health and vitality before you know it.

Take a look at our case studies to see how existing clients have changed their lives by setting fitness goals and committing to improving their health and wellbeing – to looking after their body for life!

What if you’ve not trained before?

There are certain points in life when people feel the need to make a change. This could be due to feeling overweight or sluggish, a recent injury or diagnosis, a change in personal circumstance or a future sporting event to prepare for.

Whatever situation you are in, if you’ve not trained before, it’s a great place to start because you can choose from an abundance of training programmes and be a sponge for the nutrition and wellness advice available.

You will be well looked after by the Eivissa team, who will take the time to understand your goals, address any uncertainties you may have and run you through the choice of four packages to create the perfect programme for you.

What if you don’t have much space?

You might think you need an abundance of space to train, hours to spare or copious amounts of equipment to get started. None of these are needed.

As long as you can stand up, lie down and move to the left and to the right, you’ve got this.

Your body weight is enough to get you toned, build your muscle and even encourage a warm glow or breakout of sweat – you want to know you’ve done something!

An energetic, toning, strengthening and revitalising workout can be achieved in 30-minutes or less. Hours are not a prerequisite and the Eivissa Health & Fitness training sessions are available 24/7 to it in with your schedule.

All you need is your own self-belief and you’re a winner.

What happens after the 7-day trial?

By the end of your 7 days you will have started your fitness journey. You will have passed the green light and gained a taste of how it feels to have more energy, more clarity, more focus, more strength and more motivation.

Part of your trial includes a free session with an Eivissa team member because we want you to have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss your goals.

Obviously, we would love for you to continue your journey with us to achieve your goals and realise your full potential. But there will be no pressure. The choice to continue is 100 per cent your own and because there are no payment details required to start your 7-day trial, you can leave quietly!

By the end of the 7 days you will have decided whether the Eivissa approach is for you.