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Nutrition counts for 80% of being fit and healthy

Watching what you eat and staying hydrated can be life-changing once you understand the true nature of calories

The key to successful health, fitness and wellbeing isn’t just about pumping iron, running a marathon or cranking up the crunches. Eating the right foods and drinking plenty of water forms a huge part of the fitness equation. This is why the Eivissa team insists on every client learning about how to create a balanced diet that will support individual goals.

At the start of your health and fitness journey you will receive a nutritional consultation that will form part of your personalised health programme. Following this, you will have access to a six-week habit-changing nutritional plan.

Got a great fitness regime but need help with nutrition? 

Many Eivissa Health & Fitness clients are already active and have a top-notch fitness regime.

That’s OK. We know many people have got it covered at the gym or by participating in regular online or in-person classes. But we also know that many people struggle with their food and understanding what types of food and ingredients complement a healthy lifestyle.

Getting to grips with calories and the ideal levels of protein, fat, and carbohydrates can be a little tricky – and it can change based on your age, body type and goals.

To help explain everything in simple terms so that you can whip up a healthy dish in the kitchen that’s still a culinary delight, you can tune into the Eivissa Health & Fitness Nutrition Masterclass video modules.

These on-demand video modules walk you through how to make incremental changes to your diet that ensure healthy balance and maximum nutrition without starving yourself or giving up your favourite treats.

>> Learn more about the Eivissa Health & Fitness Nutrition Masterclass.

I needed a focussed plan, including nutrition and exercise balance rather than fad diets and having to go to a gym. [This] keeps the focus, pushes you past the comfort zone, keeps you stronger and fitter when you need it, home based or Zoom Covid compliant!

KellyPT Client

Who is your nutritionist?

Eivissa Health & Fitness have partnered with SJN Nutrition to offer their expertise to all clients.

At the start of your journey, depending on the membership package, you will attend an individual or group session (online or in-person) with Shane and his team to help you understand the importance of the different types of foods you eat and when you should eat them. It’s important to get the balance right when it comes to protein, carbohydrates, fibre, sugars, fats and vitamins and nutrients.

You will learn how to create an equilibrium that’s right for you regarding calories, nutrients and macros. This will keep you in check for safe weight loss, healthy muscle gain and to ensure you stay hydrated and lean in the right places!

How much is the nutrition advice?

Every Eivissa Health & Fitness client, even those with access to the online group sessions only, will gain nutritional hints and tips from our private Facebook group – and we’ll always be available to answer your questions.

Download the Eivissa Health & Fitness app to manage your personal food diary alongside your exercise regime and stay healthy on the go!

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