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Are you a sole trainer or soul of the party?

Find a training style that motivates you from day one

The way you train can affect your motivation and performance outcome.

Choosing a way to train that works for your plan, personality, ‘pocket’ and timetable will ensure your enthusiasm is maintained and your goals are effective. If you prefer to focus completely on yourself and get distracted by others, then an online 1-2-1 session is the way to go. Equally, if you are a social butterfly you will more than likely be motivated from others within a group session or competitive environment of a small private group.


1-2-1 sessions will ensure that every exercise, method and all nutritional advice is tailored to your goals, your body and your fitness levels.

Online group sessions

The perfect solution to build a routine of regular exercise, supportive camaraderie and a healthy dose of feelgood endorphins


Training with your partner is a great way to set fitness goals for a future milestone.


A versatile workout that helps to increase flexibility, improve muscle tone and strength, and boosts your core – an excellent all-round choice.

Small private groups

Fun, motivational way to get fit and build your strength and confidence.

Online training

Pre-recorded online sessions are accessible 24/7.

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