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Personal training that focuses entirely on you

Gain more from an exercise, health and nutrition programme that is tailored just for you

A health and fitness journey is a personal experience. Working individually with a trainer on your fitness goals in 1-2-1 sessions will ensure that every exercise is tailored to your body type and fitness level to smash your goals.

Working closely with your trainer will enable them to identify areas where you may benefit from additional support. The exercises you undertake in online 1-2-1 sessions will be more specific and varied than group workouts. This is because individual muscle groups may benefit from focused exercises or existing conditions, injuries or body types may prevent some exercises from being effective for you.

I felt comfortable and more confident about getting healthier.

AnnPT Client

Personalised nutritional advice

You will gain a thorough understanding of food in the form of a six-week nutritional blueprint. This is a nutritional plan that will provide a deep dive into the right balance of carbs, proteins and fats that suit your body type and your training goals will be designed to encourage habit reform.

You will learn from our experts exactly what makes a nutritious meal and how frequently you should fuel your body to help its metabolism, the breakdown of food and distribution of energy. Exercise without proper nutrition will fail at the first hurdle, which is why a personalised 1-2-1 training programme will keep you accountable and help you adjust accordingly every step of the way.

How will 1-2-1 training sessions work

Your Eivissa Health & Fitness journey will start with a chat with one of our training experts. Together, we’ll establish your goals and suggest a free 7-day trial to explore The Achievement Agenda where you can experience the online sessions and content available to you as a client.

Once you are happy to continue, your first 1-2-1 session will cement your goals and record a few important indicators about your body type – nothing too in depth, it’s more of a starting point to keep track of your performance session by session.

Carry your personal health and fitness journey at all times with the Eivissa Health & Fitness app. Access tailored exercise routines, online fitness classes, nutritional advice and personalised food diary.

The reasons I chose to go down the route of a home PT were that it suited my busy lifestyle and would ensure I did regular exercise.

Client1-2-1 Training

What to do next

Talk to us about your thoughts and feeling around exercise and what you would ideally like to achieve. We all have to start somewhere, so take the plunge and get in touch today.