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Dedicated training for couples

Maintain a level of healthy competition and keep each other motivated with Eivissa’s unique training for couples

Training with your partner is a great way to set fitness goals for a future milestone such as a holiday, getting married, after the birth of a child or once they’ve flown the nest and the signs of mid-life need attention.

Training this way is encouraging and competitive and will push you to achieve incredible results because you both have each other’s best interests at heart.

I felt comfortable and more confident about getting healthier.

AnnPT Client

How does a couples training session work?

Being supported and held accountable to achieve any goal contributes to its success and exercise is no different – with couples training it’s twice the effort, twice the outcome.

After the initial consultation you will work together with your trainer via an online session. Exercise routines will continually be revised to maintain progress and adapted depending on your individual needs – you may not always perform the same exercises.

Working out together will improve your bond because you are sharing a common goal. Away from the personalised sessions with your trainer you will find yourselves talking about the improvements you are seeing in each other and celebrate successes together. Who knows, you may even want to pick up more sessions together in between seeing your trainer!

Fun food adventures

Following a kickstart nutrition consultation you will embark on a six-week nutritional blueprint and probably see a complete transformation in your kitchen! You will be able to prepare healthy nutritious meals and snacks, even if you have different targets for protein, carbs and fat. Part of the enjoyment will be the exploration of new foods, building new habits and understanding how to fuel your body effectively to replenish energy levels and cleanse your systems.

Convenience foods are actually quite boring, so when you realise how creative you can be with herbs, spices, pulses, fruits and vegetables alongside meats, fish and diary (diet dependent) you’ll never view eating the same again.

Download the Eivissa Health & Fitness app and stay healthy 24/7 by managing your tailored food diary and accessing a huge library of exercise classes.

[We had] a focussed plan, including nutrition and exercise balance rather than fad diets and having to go to a gym.

MattPT Client

What to do next

Book in a call with us together and try out our programmes using a free 7-day trial.