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Have fun, get fit and stay focused with group training

Choose from a multitude of exercise sessions with Eivissa’s group fitness training

Group online sessions offer the perfect solution to build a routine of regular exercise, supportive camaraderie and a healthy dose of feelgood endorphins to set you up for the day.

Group exercise sessions are ideal for anyone who might struggle to commit to a regular day or time slot each week. If you are unsure about what exercise you would like to focus on, the group sessions will allow you to taste many options to see what gets your blood pumping.

The overall guidance from the team is spot on.

RichardPT Client

Find an exercise regime that works for you

Whether you are looking to build up strength in your muscles, inject more energy into your day or simply breakout a sweat and know you’ve pushed yourself, then there’s a training session that will work for you.

Eivissa Health & Fitness online group sessions are designed to be varied and to disperse feelgood factors for all participants. Not only will you feel amazing, fitter and more energised but you’ll make new friends and try new exercises to push your own fitness goals.

What is involved in group training?

Typically lasting half-an-hour, exercise sessions available as part of our The Achievement Agenda are constantly mixed up to target your upper body, lower body, abs or combined to provide a full body workout in one session. You can choose to join as many sessions as you want to each week, although we recommend a couple of days rest to recuperate.

As an online group training member you will also gain access to pre-recorded online sessions that are accessible 24/7 so you can work out to your heart’s content.

The Eivissa Health & Fitness app will be available to download for free where you can measure your progress and enhance your journey with an abundance of health, nutrition and exercise resources.

It’s a good routine and I have built a good relationship which allows me to work towards and achieve my goals.

MarkPT Client

What to do next

Why not try out our proven fitness system for a 7-day trial before committing to anything long-term?