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Tap into online fitness training on-demand

Access pre-recorded online training sessions from your front room 24/7 and build the habit of fitness

Everybody has to start somewhere and it might not be a bulk booking of 1-2-1 personal training sessions to begin with.

Eivissa Health & Fitness on-demand sessions are accessible online 24/7, offering an affordable solution to anyone who wants to ease into a fitness regime that suits a busy or irregular schedule.

An experience that fits in with your life, in the comfort of your own home, without the need for specialist equipment or clothing.

VenetiaPT Client

Click, access, workout

It’s that simple to join an online fitness session. Once you sign up to Eivissa Health & Fitness you’ll have a personal area where you can review The Achievement Agenda live sessions but also access a huge depository of workouts for any level – beginner, intermediate, advanced, even extreme!

Online training will cover many fitness disciplines including various levels of cardio, weight training, weight loss, body toning and dedicated sessions for yoga, injury recovery and goal setting for sports events. 

You can still ensure that you achieve your goals by downloading the Eivissa Health & Fitness app to keep a food diary and measure your fitness progress.

Sessions are both fun and challenging, and at times very innocent – but very effective.

JackiePT Client

What to do next

Pick up the phone or send us a message and let’s talk about taking your health and fitness journey to the next level.