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Fitness training for small private groups

Train with friends, family or colleagues in a fun, encouraging and supportive environment

Training in micro groups of two to four people offers a fun and motivational way to get fit – not to mention being cost effective!

You will tone up, slim down, and build your strength and confidence in the safe company of family or friends. By sharing best practice and encouraging each other you are more inclined to push yourself and achieve a better outcome together.

Give it a try, what have you got to lose, it could be a brilliant way for you to achieve your goals? It's certainly worked for me.

MarkPT Client

What is involved in a private group training session?

Dedicated personal training sessions will take everybody’s needs into account so that you can still set individual fitness goals. Online exercise sessions will be varied and everyone’s progress will be monitored to ensure that you improve in leaps and bounds together.

Training collectively with people you know creates an atmosphere of healthy competition, commitment and ongoing support. Setting and achieving your goals together will enable everyone in the group to celebrate their wins and, chances are, everyone will stick to the game plan for longer.

Stay on target with individual fitness goals, communicate with your trainer and log your food through the Eivissa Health & Fitness app.

Power your group with proper nutrition

A combined nutritional consultation will take place where you can learn more about how to fuel your body effectively to give your energy levels a boost and your mental clarity a refresh. Individual goals will be set so that you understand what your ideal diet needs to look like in terms of carbs, fats and proteins, and a six-week nutritional blueprint will support long-term habit changes.

Eating well to support your exercise goals will be contagious and you’ll find that you will start to share recipes and talk more about the food choices you make. As a consequence, this will encourage family members, friends and colleagues to take note of their own diet and you’ll be spreading the Eivissa vibes ☺

The sessions are value for money and the variety in the workouts is great – I love them even though I might not show at the time...

RichardPT Client

What to do next

Gather your family, friends or colleagues together and let’s arrange a chat to discuss what you’re looking for. Trial the system for 7-days and make your decision to train.