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Relax your mind, strengthen your core

Yoga offers a powerful combination of body strengthening movements and mindfulness

Yoga provides a versatile workout that increases your flexibility and improves muscle tone. Movements are slow and coordinated, designed to build inner strength, improve tone and activate your core muscles.

Yoga originated in India and combines the disciplines of mental, physical and spiritual practices with one main motivation – to bring harmony to the mind and body.

I was rapidly approaching my 50th birthday and having already started a weight-loss programme 6-months earlier, I wanted to focus on toning and general fitness.

VenetiaPT Client

Revitalise yourself from a single mat

Yoga offers an excellent all-round choice for anyone who wants to work on relaxation techniques as well as giving your energy levels and vitality a boost.

Regular yoga participants can feel greater confidence and self-esteem because of its mindfulness methods. Better mental clarity helps to reduce feelings of anxiety and overwhelm and can often result in people being more productive at work and more balanced in their moods.

Eivissa Health & Fitness online yoga sessions are available with specific membership packages or as part of a VIP programme.

How can yoga help with fitness levels?

Yoga poses can be hard to hold but once the techniques have been grasped, regular sessions will help to improve your respiratory, circulatory and cardio health.

Increased flexibility will aid better performance when participating in high intensity workouts and, because of the suppleness of limbs and joints, will help to prevent injury. Yoga can also be a great remedy in overcoming injury because the slow focused movements target key areas of the body.

The Eivissa Health & Fitness app can keep track of your fitness progress and incorporate your yoga sessions as part of your overall wellbeing regime.

Get signed up to change your life for the better.

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What to do next

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