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Cleanse your mind, revitalise your body

Embark on a journey that has your best interests in mind, muscle and meals!

Eivissa Health & Fitness membership packages offer group or personal interaction, advanced nutritional guidance and tailored fitness regimes to suit your individual goals.

Training is offered on a basis to suit your learning style, schedule and budget. Choose from 1-2-1 training, small private groups and couples’ sessions in-person or online or join a live online training camp.

Live training camps are available online and on demand offline allowing you to catch up when you have the time.

How much do the membership packages cost?

Eivissa Health & Fitness membership packages are designed to be accessible to everybody, no matter your circumstances.

All aspects of health and fitness are included from functional training, sport-specific conditioning, sporting events, healthy weight loss and relaxing meditation or yoga.

Our ethos is to learn and enjoy but also to have fun. Exercise and healthy living aren’t meant to be hard work, it should be rewarding and hugely fulfilling but a little effort is required – but that’ll be a doddle for you ☺

Prices start from £97 per month.

How does the Eivissa fitness membership model work?

Pick from four, tiered pricing packages that provide online and in-person access depending on the level of membership you commit to.

Reset & Recharge Your Lean Self

Everyone has to start somewhere. Even if you need to begin with baby steps, your only focus is to start as you mean to go on – with intent.

The Reset and Recharge package will grant you admission to our fully supported online training. Choose from an abundance of training sessions designed to give you a full-body workout, targeted area strengthening, stretching or toning, high-intensity exercise or deep relaxation.

As well as Personalised nutrition and exercise plans, take advantage of the daily group support and weekly Q&A sessions with our team! Not only that we will deep dive into your mindset to keep you accountable and working towards your goals, let’s make this easier and a life long success.

So lets take a look at what’s included in this incredible package:

  • Personalised Exercise/training plans
  • Personalised Nutritional Plans
  • Weekly Q&A Sessions
  • Daily Group Support
  • Recipes to open the mind when it comes to being adventurous with food
  • Access to your Personal Trainer 24/7 via your own APP
  • Accountability and all the support you’ll need to not only reach your goals, but know with confidence how to keep them…
  • Mindset and motivational sessions
  • Monthly Q&A with our leading nutritionists, finally get your questions answered

All the support you’ll ever need to reach your goals and approach this health and fitness thing with a welcomed fresh approach.

Yours for just £97 Per month… It’s as close to having a 121 Personal Trainer with you 24/7 that you can get, just better…


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Health, fitness and nutritional advice 24/7

Eivissa Health & Fitness understands the importance of healthy nutrition, a positive mindset and a calm, relaxed state. Our professionally-qualified trainers have teamed up with world-class nutritionists SJN Nutrition to guide you on how to achieve a healthy body through what you eat and drink. If weight loss is your goal then it can be achieved through a nutritional plan and not fasting, fad diets and cutting out carbs!


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Eivissa Behaviour Change Programme
Achieve your goals by changing bad habits

If you are not in the right mindset  then dietary and fitness goals will fail. Obstacles can get in the way of your progress and the path of least resistance is often chosen – and that’s when motivation nosedives and temptation to give in to bad habits sets in.

This pathway can look like the peaks and troughs of continuously losing and gaining weight. The practise of eating healthily but then reaching for the sugary or fatty foods all too quickly, or starting a fitness programme and feeling disheartened when you struggle to perform.

Life happens and external factors will always rear their head to challenge you. The secret to overcoming this is to work on your mindset and behaviour changes to condition yourself to rise above the challenges because you know you can achieve what you set out to.

The VIP Eivissa Behaviour Change Programme is designed to break down whatever is holding you back from achieving your health, fitness and nutritional goals by working on positive behavioural change and retuning your mindset to one of non-stop achievement.

Learn more about the VIP Eivissa Behaviour Change Programme and start achieving today. Click here to arrange a 15 minute discovery call.

All our membership packages unlock access to a private Facebook group where you can share success stories, support each other and glean daily nutrition, exercise, health and wellbeing tips.

Anyone who is contemplating working with [the team], just give it a try, what have you got to lose? It could be a brilliant way for you to achieve your goals. It's certainly worked for me.

MarkPersonal training client

We now have a good routine, and we have built a good relationship which allows me to work towards and achieve my goals.

MattPersonal training client