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Give your energy levels an invigorating boost and oxygenate your entire body

For complete body conditioning choose cardiovascular training

Achieve a healthy, supple and strong body with the right balance of cardiovascular and weight training exercises to help you feel good, lose excess fat, strengthen muscle and improve mental clarity for an everyday feel-good vibe.

Cardio training is energetic and combines a series of exercises to give your body a complete workout, focusing on upper, mid and lower body areas.

Get your heartrate pumping

A cardio workout is designed to raise your heartrate and maintain a continuous level so that your body’s systems work effectively. Your blood flow will increase, helping to circulate oxygen throughout your body as well as removing carbon dioxide and giving unhelpful blockages an elbow to move on!

Types of cardiovascular training include swimming, contact sports and various forms of dancing. Eivissa Health & Fitness programmes will focus on coordinated lively exercise routines created around aerobic or circuit training methods.

Working with Eivissa can really help you achieve your goals but more importantly can help improve your health, fitness and wellbeing.

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Choose from a multitude of cardio workouts

Eivissa Health & Fitness offers different ways to access cardio training. Regular online group sessions or on-demand workouts are available for any level of membership. For a tailored programme, an online small private group session or 1-2-1 workout will be developed to keep you on your toes and continuously reset your fitness goals.

Whether you want to work on your upper or lower body strength, increase your energy levels or lose excess weight from key areas of your body, a cardio workout is sure to get you pumped.

Keep track with your personal progress by downloading the Eivissa Health & Fitness app and access your training schedule, online classes and food diary.

How will cardiovascular training help you?

There are several different types of cardio training from low intensity and long duration to short high-octane intensity and anything else in between.

The right form of cardiovascular exercise for you will depend on what you want to achieve and your body type. If you are lean and tall compared to muscular and athletic, or rounder with more body fat, different approaches will be required.

At the start of a personalised journey with Eivissa you will have a few body measurements taken as well as a nutrition consultation to determine your current diet. From here, a suitable programme can be tailored that ensures the cardio exercises target your body to make the biggest improvements.

My goals are constantly being achieved and being reset.

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What to do next

To make sure you achieve what you’re looking for from an exercise plan contact us for an informative chat and sign up for a free 7-day trial.