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Improve your energy levels and love of life with regular fitness activities

Have you been thinking about getting fit and active to improve your body’s wellbeing and mental clarity?

If you’re looking to improve body conditioning and increase stamina to form a leaner, fitter you then a tailored health and fitness regime is the ideal route. By working towards a fitness goal that works for your body and your mindset you can achieve amazing results in a short time frame.

Build habits with small lifestyle changes

Becoming fitter and healthier doesn’t mean developing a new obsession with the bench press, dumb bells or cycling 20 miles every day.

Holistically working with your body type and harnessing your ‘why’ for wanting to improve your fitness levels is the foundation to getting leaner and strengthening your core physique.

Combining regular exercise with small lifestyle changes such as dietary modifications, frequent hydration and healthy sleep patterns will build strength in all the right places.

I wanted to keep fit and start eating healthier. [I found] it was great fun and you can achieve your goals!

PamPT Client

Be inspired to continually improve and challenge yourself

At Eivissa Health & Fitness we encourage you to see exercise as an ongoing commitment that needs to be fuelled with the right balance of fuel and motivation.

Whether you need to strengthen your core stomach muscles to help with lower back pain, improve your upper body strength to support an active hobby or to simply feel more energised on a day to day basis, Eivissa is here to bridge that gap with tailored exercise routines and ongoing motivation.

Care is taken at the start of your Eivissa journey to find out how your body responds to exercise and what foods will give you the fuel you need to improve your strength.

What are the fitness regime options?

Fitness regimes are available as a number of options to suit your schedule and your preferred method of training.

On-demand online workouts are available alongside group sessions, small private groups or 1-2-1 training. All options will require a level of commitment from you to ensure you’re on the right track to achieving your goals. The Eivissa team will keep you motivated, learning and growing – you’ll feel happier, more energetic and stronger in no time.

Stay motivated in between sessions with your personalised Eivissa Health & Fitness app. Read nutrition and fitness guides, access online training and stay in touch with your personal trainer.

We were really impressed by Dave’s knowledge and enthusiasm.

AmandaPT Client

What to do next

To help you decide what methods of training will work for your goals, please contact us to chat through your needs and sign up for a free 7-day trial.