Overcome an injury faster and more effectively with a personalised recovery plan

Target weak and traumatised areas with dedicated exercises

Sustaining an injury through a sporting incident or unfortunate accident is never easy on your body or mind. Not only are you prevented from enjoying your favourite sport but day-to-day activities that you take for granted can also become a major challenge. Your confidence and self-belief might take a knock too, which may lead to frustration, sadness or anger.

Choosing a targeted conditioning and strengthening plan over rest and longevity alone will get you firmly on the path to recovery.

Build strength with targeted movement

Whether you have sustained an injury from running, cycling, skiing, playing a contact sport or any other form of exercise there is not much that a tailored recovery plan cannot fix. Even if you have lived a sedentary lifestyle or suffered a harrowing illness and as a result have weak areas in your body, a personalised exercise plan could still be the resolution you’ve been looking for. 

Eivissa Health & Fitness will work with you to find the root cause of the trauma and establish the impact it has had on surrounding muscles, ligaments, tendons and surrounding tissue. With access to physiotherapists and specialists, we can combine a huge range of skills to plan out a recovery movement and exercise plan. 

[I receive] continued focus, adjustment, and fine tuning to needs and feedback … keeps you stronger and fitter.

KellyPT Client

Recover well and reduce the risk of future damage

Working towards recovery in this way will allow your body to recuperate effectively whilst building strength and reconditioning your muscles and nerves to help prevent further injury when you’re back to full competence.

As well as working to repair and strengthen an injured area of your body, the Eivissa Health & Fitness team will also provide a nutrition plan that will fuel your body with the foods, vitamins and minerals it needs. Feeding your body effectively will accelerate the repair process and provide much needed energy.

How can I get started on the road to recovery?

Planning an exercise regime to recover from an injury will take place through online 1-2-1 training sessions. This will enable you to receive full attention from your trainer so that continual monitoring and improvements can be made. Making progress with small exercises and movements may seem laborious but recovery will be far quicker, and you’ll build more confidence and resilience.

Measure your daily and weekly progress with the dedicated Eivissa Health & Fitness app. Access personal exercise routines, online fitness classes and manage a healthy food diary.

It will be the best decision you will make for your health and fitness.

AnnikaPT Client

What to do next

Give us a call today and let’s talk about the best way to get you back to enjoying an active lifestyle once again.