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Have you signed up for a marathon, charity event or sporting competition?

Achieve the finish line with ease by following a carefully planned out health and fitness programme

Working towards a sporting event or competition needs to be planned in order to prepare your body for something it may have not done before.

Building strength and endurance needs to be done in increments with frequent and appropriate resting periods to help your muscles recuperate and to avoid any unnecessary injuries.

Inclusive body conditioning

Embarking on a training plan to run a marathon, hike Everest, participate in a triathlon or enter a sporting match or competition takes focus and determination. Exercise alone may not be enough, which is why Eivissa Health & Fitness incorporates a healthy nutritious food plan into an ambitious training and rest regime.

Specific foods, natural supplements and holistic body movements all form part of the training programme and must be of equal importance.

I Knew that Dave would keep me on track with my goals!

PamPT Client

Stick to the plan

When you sign up to compete, Eivissa Health & Fitness will be there to support you every step, hit, ride, punch or stroke of the way.

Working backwards from the day of your sporting event we’ll help you to establish what needs to be done within the timeframe available. Every training plan will start by establishing your current fitness level, your nutrition intake and individual physique.

From there, we’ll test a few exercise options to work out the most effective and quickest way for you to climb the fitness ladder to achieve your sporting goal.

How can I work towards my sporting event?

There are so many different sporting events set to challenge your fitness abilities. Whether you want to raise money for a charity close to your heart, beat a previous goal, gain more from your chosen activity or simply achieve a dream, there’s a training method that will work for you.

Training for a sporting event will usually take place through online 1-2-1 sessions so that you gain 100 per cent attention from your trainer. Each session will include a review of your performance and improvement so that proactive changes to your regime will push you and keep you on track.

Ensure you achieve your goals by downloading the Eivissa Health & Fitness app to keep a food diary, measure fitness progress and access a multitude of health and fitness resources.

I like the fact that Dave comes to the house as I would not be motivated to go to the gym.

AmandaPT Client

What to do next

Contact us today and explain what you would like to achieve so that we can recommend the best way forward.