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Tailored weight loss programmes that are safe and fun

Are you looking to shed a few pounds and become a leaner, healthier you?

Whether you want to lose weight to look amazing for your wedding, shed excess pounds after giving birth, level out the middle age complacency bulk, or finally nip obsessive snacking and a sedentary lifestyle in the bud, there’s a training programme for you.

Smooth out lumps and bumps and overload excess weight

Feeling a bit frumpy or wrestling to fasten the zip on your jeans or the buttons on your shirt can be disheartening.

For many people, gaining weight deals a severe blow in confidence and if negative self-beliefs set in it can impact other areas of life. Thoughts about not being good enough, comparing yourself to others and comfort eating even though you know it’s the wrong thing to do adds to the downward spiral.

What you need is a dose of positivity and expert training and nutritional support that you can rely on to find the best health and fitness solution to help you feel (and look) yourself again.

Dave made the training realistic and balanced, targeting small gains which resulted in big results. [My] varied training sessions were well planned out and tailored to my individual needs to ensure I kept the discipline of training and staying fit.

AndrePT Client

A routine that works for your individual body

Eivissa Health & Fitness create programmes that work holistically with your body to ensure that your weight loss goal is achieved through an exercise and nutrition plan that’s suitable for your body – no person is the same.

Careful assessment of your body’s chemical makeup and build will determine how best to prepare a suitable weight loss programme. Tailored exercises will work on the areas of your body that need reshaping, firming up and smoothing out.

Weight loss isn’t about fad diets, running a marathon every day or cutting out certain foods forever from tomorrow! It’s about personalisation, commitment and encouragement.

How will the weight loss programme work?

You will set a target weight and a timeframe goal that you’re comfortable with. Together we’ll record your body composition details and support you with an overview of the types of foods you can eat along with an outline of the exercises that will target your stubborn areas.

Exercise classes are available as online 1-2-1 sessions, small private groups (if you sign up with friends or family members) or you can top up your fitness routines by accessing a bank of on-demand workouts 24/7.

Manage your tailored food diary and access a huge exercise class library by downloading the Eivissa Health & Fitness app and stay healthy on the go!

… the sessions are fun but push me to be better and to be able to do more. It has helped me with more than just understanding weight loss [and] the support and guidance has helped with fitting exercise in, improved my anxiety and confidence around nutrition/exercise - I continue to get fitter and healthier. I feel very well supported.

AnnikaPT Client

What to do next

To make sure you are enrolling on an exercise plan that you feel happy about, contact us for an informative chat and sign up for a free 7-day trial.